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Amarillo College Presidential Search (Amarillo, Texas)


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The Amarillo College Board of Regents seeks an energetic and proven leader to build on the tradition of excellence that led the College to be named co-recipient of the 2023 Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence.

As an Amarillo College employee, seek knowledge of and pledge to actively engage in a culture of caring, striving to serve students, peers and the community by embracing the AC Core Values:


Transforming our community and economy through learning, innovation, and achievement.

Position Description
This position serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Amarillo College, responsible for formulating and directing sound policies and practices in all administrative, fiscal, and academic affairs. This position reports directly to the Amarillo College Board of Regents.


• Required: Doctoral degree from an accredited institution.


• Required: Five or more years of experience in executive-level positions in the public or private sector.
• Preferred: Experience in Higher Education.

Job Duties & Responsibilities

• Serve as executive officer of the College and implement Board policies and regulations.
• Recommend budget and policy changes to the Board of Regents.
• Inform the Board of Regents of current events relating to education and public affairs.
• Responsible for sound fiscal management that achieves efficient and effective use of the College’s resources.
• Serve as the key contact person with private, local, State, and Federal funding sources.
• Provide leadership in developing and understanding institutional objectives and priorities.
• Direct the planning efforts of the College toward meeting objectives and community expectations.
• Contribute to enhancing academic quality through a comprehensive curriculum and a well-trained faculty.
• Make hiring selections of key administrative personnel and review the hiring selections of other College personnel.
• Provide leadership and resources to other College personnel so programs and procedures are continually developed.
• Communicate with the Board of Regents, students, and employees of the College on an ongoing basis.
• Serve as the primary College representative in public activities.
• Promote good working relationships with the business community and governmental and educational agencies.
• Participate in the Texas Association of Community Colleges (TACC).
• Complete various reports, documentation, and evaluations in a timely fashion.
• Comply with all college, state, and local procedures, rules, and regulations.
• Observe and promote continual improvement of workplace safety and environmental practices.
• Perform other duties as required.
• As an Amarillo College employee, seek knowledge of and pledge to actively engage in a culture of caring, striving to serve students, peers, and the community by embracing the AC Core Values:
Wow, Family, Fun, Innovation, and Yes!

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities

• Ability to exhibit strong communication skills, both written and verbal.
• Ability to cultivate relationships built on trust and confidentiality with a diverse population.
• Proficient interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills to convey information effectively.
• Effective task prioritization and organizational skills.
• Ability to demonstrate active listening and critical thinking skills.
• Knowledge and understanding of higher education policy, trends, and issues at the local, state, and national levels.
• Knowledge of budgeting, financial management, and funding sources for community colleges.
• Skilled in setting clear goals, developing a vision, and creating a strategic plan for the College.
• Skilled in strategic thinking and long-term planning for the College’s development.
• Ability to consistently maintain a high level of professionalism at all times, especially when dealing with resistance or hostility.
• Ability to lead and inspire faculty, staff, and students to achieve the College’s mission and vision.
• Ability to make solid recommendations, have strong attention to detail, and ability to work under pressure to meet stringent deadlines.
• A commitment to ethical and transparent leadership, including integrity, honesty, and fairness.

Commitment Statement

Amarillo College is dedicated to building a workforce that embraces a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, fostering a culturally aware team at every organizational level. Our goal is a faculty and staff that mirrors the distinctiveness of our community and continually enhances their skills and knowledge to serve our entire student population better.

Amarillo College is committed to nondiscrimination practices based on race, gender, gender identity and expression, disability, age, religion, national origin, genetic information, or veteran status.


The Board identified eight prioritized qualities it will seek in the next president of Amarillo College. Each of the qualities listed reflects specific language written during board meetings, followed
by a brief description that aims to capture the core ideas behind each quality:

Passionate about data-informed student success: The Board seeks a leader who is clearly driven by an abiding commitment to improve the lives and outcomes of students and to use data to craft reforms that will eliminate gaps in student success and ensure that Amarillo College fulfills its commitment to improving student outcomes.

Visionary risk-taker: The Board seeks a leader who is both (a) capable of developing a strong vision for the College—to improve student success and to strengthen the community and its economy—and (b) willing to take strategic risks to advance the College’s goals and reform strategies, such as challenging the status quo and ideas misaligned with those goals and strategies—including from the Board.

Committed to advancing the College’s established culture of care: The Board highly values—and aims to hire a president who is committed to maintaining and building on the culture of care that the College has developed. This culture is reflected in the College’s core approach to improving student success, and the student experience, in how faculty and staff are treated, and in the language used internally and externally to explain the College’s goals and strategies.

Builds strong collaborative teams: The Board seeks a leader who can maintain and further develop the many teams that have effectively collaborated to achieve the College’s successes, including a talented senior team; many strong teams of faculty, staff, and administrators; the Board of Regents; and teams within the community, including those that have helped advance the College’s culture of care and regional economic development efforts.

Establishes urgency to get things done (that deliver results): The Board values the capacity of the College to deliver systemic reforms at a larger scale and more quickly than might be typical within higher education, and it aims to hire a leader who shares the Board’s urgency for continuing the effective implementation of needed change.

Highly effective communicator and relationship builder: Citing the fact that the Amarillo community and College have accomplished goals through strong relationships, the Board aims to hire a president who is a strong communicator, capable of delivering clear and compelling messages while also listening and understanding the perspectives of internal stakeholders and external partners with diverse perspectives.

Capacity to build strong external partnerships to advance student success goals and strategies: Among the Board’s goals for Amarillo and its president over the coming years will be maintaining and building even stronger relationships with key leaders in the community that are needed to advance student success, including K-12 school administrators to improve dual enrollment, university partners to advance transfer outcomes, and employers and others in economic development to build a stronger economy.

Committed to maintaining the institution’s fiscal health: The Board aims to hire a president who will carry forward a commitment to ensure that the College is a strong steward of fiscal resources, living within its means and efficiently expending resources.


This is a confidential search process guided by external consultants Dr. Preston Pulliams and Dr. Dennis Michaelis of Gold Hill Associates. The consultants will be the only recipients of initial application
materials. To ensure full consideration, candidates must submit application materials by March 8, 2024.


1. Letter of application that addresses the position profile and board-prioritized qualities and demonstrates how the candidate’s experience and professional qualifications prepare them to serve the needs of Amarillo College (not to exceed five [5] pages)
2. Current resume

March 8, 2024
Closing date for applications to ensure full consideration

March 11-12, 2024
Screening committee receives a short list of applications from Gold Hill Associates

March 21, 2024
Gold Hill Associates meets with screening committee to narrow field to semi-finalists/finalists

April 1-12, 2024
Finalists interview on campus and within the community

April 22-26, 2024
Board of Regents meets to select president

Announcement of the new president by the Board of Regents

Start date set for new president

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For more information on the college and area, download the brochure.

Grand Rapids Community College - Provost/Executive Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs




Provost/Executive Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs

Department: Academic & Student Affairs
Employee Group: Executive Leadership
Schedule: Full Time, Nonexempt
Compensation: Commensurate with Experience, Competitive
Benefits: Full Time
Reports to: President
Posting Closes: January 5, 2024

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Grand Rapids Community College invites applications and nominations for the position of Provost/Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs. The Provost reports directly to the President and serves as the Chief Academic and Student Affairs Officer with major responsibilities for strategic planning and guiding all aspects of teaching and learning in support of student success. The Provost is also charged with establishing the academic and student affairs vision for Grand Rapids Community College in pursuit of its Mission, Vision, Values, and strategic goals through the contributions of the deans, associate deans, faculty, staff, and their respective systems of support.

Grand Rapids Community College has a 100-year history of academic excellence and a sound reputation as a premier transfer institution. It is nationally recognized for its liberal arts and occupational programs. With approximately 250 full-time and 400 adjunct faculty, learning opportunities are provided for more than approximately 25,000 credit and non-credit students enrolled in transfer and occupational courses. GRCC has a physical presence that includes an eight-block downtown campus, a two-block presence known as the DeVos Campus, Leslie E. Tassell Michigan Technical Education Center (M-TEC), and a state-of-the-art Lakeshore campus in Holland, Michigan. Grand Rapids is the second largest city in Michigan.


  • Provide balanced leadership to the administration, faculty, and staff of School of Business & Industry, School of Health Sciences, School of Liberal Arts, School of STEM, Student Affairs, Student Success, Teaching, Learning and Workforce, Distance Education, Instructional Support and Institutional Research Planning.
  • Lead and collaborate with the Academic and Student Affairs administration, faculty and staff to establish and communicate clear conceptual expectations, principles, and guidelines related to the academic vision and strategic planning.
  • Model and champion GRCC’s core values; Excellence, Diversity, Responsiveness, Innovation, Accountability, Sustainability, Respect, and Integrity.
  • Work closely with the President and other College officers to provide overall internal executive leadership to, and support for, the faculty, staff, and their respective systems of support in Academic and Student Affairs through the creation, revision, and/or deletion of all policies related to Academic and Student Affairs.
  • Lead college efforts to promote and sustain a rigorous and compassionate and learning-centered environment that supports student success in both credit and non-credit areas through collaborative decision making and strategic planning.
  • Participate in the College’s internal leadership conversations to set College goals and formulate strategies for achieving the goals that arise from these conversations.
  • Guide the Academic Governing Council in the development and review of academic policies through collaborative decision making.
  • Oversee academic programs and curriculum development to ensure that GRCC remains current and viable in the educational community.
  • Ensure the primacy of the academic mission in all College decision-making including, but not limited to, physical and technological infrastructure, budget, fundraising, hiring, and internal and external communications.
  • Oversee enrollment management to provide a learning environment that is conducive to learning, sustainable and responsive to financial conditions and community needs.
  •  Assure that college policies and procedures governing academic and student issues are equitable and enhance the learning environment and reflect current needs and appropriate practices.
  •  Accountable for maintaining the College’s accreditation and standing in the academic community.
  •  Collaborate with the chief academic officers of area institutions, transfer institutions, intermediate school districts, regional school district superintendents, government agencies, and other community organizations to promote academic partnerships, scholarships, and resources.
  •  Advocate for GRCC at public forums, including local, state and national meetings.
  • Create an inclusive environment and ensure a diverse and representative population of faculty, staff and students through recruitment, enrollment and retention of all target populations who represent a wide range of age, ethnicity, national origin, and ability.
  • Ensure an overall safe, secure, and appropriate learning environment for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Oversee, as an executive budget officer, the administration of the overall budget, and collaborate with the Deans to establish budget priorities for the responsible allocation of resources for academic and student affairs including instruction, academic support, and institutional research.
  • Identify new sources of revenue to support existing programs and create new programs that promote and advance the College’s mission.
  • Commit to the oversight of and following policies and procedures for performance evaluations of the College’s collective bargaining units within Academic and Student Affairs that include Faculty Association and Educational Support Professionals plus non-union staff (Meet and Confer).
  • Understand and administer the terms contracted with the College’s collective bargaining units.
  •  Set direction for professional development programming for faculty, staff, and their respective support systems in Academic and Student Affairs.
  • Encourage and facilitate College service, community engagement, and experiential learning by all faculty and staff.
  • Persons in this role are identified as a Campus Security Authority (CSA). CSA’s will be trained and responsible for reporting Clery Reportable Crimes to Campus Police as required by the Clery Act.


Education Credentials

  • The successful candidate must possess an earned doctorate from a regionally accredited college or university.
  • Distinguished record of a minimum of three years, five years preferred, as a full-time classroom faculty member in a college or university setting
  • Experience in curriculum development and design
  • Five or more years of progressively responsible supervisory and management experience in a college or university with a diverse student body
  • Experienced, creative administrator with demonstrated leadership skills needed to foster the continuing academic progress and vitality of the College
  • A record of academic and scholarly achievement sufficient to earn the respect of the academic community
  • Demonstrated commitment to promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice.
  • Experience in a community college is preferred (but not required)
  • Prior experience with collective bargaining in a college environment is preferred (but not required)
  • Proven record of partnership development (w/private, public, philanthropic entities)
  • Possess project management skills
  • Proven record of entrepreneurship skills
  • Possess systems thinking ability
  • Understanding of change management and enterprise leadership skills

Skills and Mental Demands

  • Articulate with the ability to embrace and promote the Community College identity and philosophy
  • Problem solver who shows foresight and initiative as the College faces change
  • Energetic and enthusiastic with an interest in helping and supporting students, staff, faculty and the general public
  • Collaborator with the ability to build trust among internal stakeholders (faculty, administration, and staff) as well as college’s external stakeholders (partners, employers, and elected officials)
  • Flexible and handles pressure while possessing mature judgment in regard to interruptions and change
  • Organized with the ability to manage numerous complex task at once
  • Professional when handling sensitive or difficult situations
  • Resilient and persistent and able to effectively manage setbacks
  • Considerate of whole systems and the implications of plans, policies, and decisions
  • Approachable and builds consensus and a shared commitment from others
  • Respectful of the talents and skills of others and creates an inclusive environment

Physical Demands

  • Must be able to stand or sit for long periods of time
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

Working Conditions

  • Highly visible academic position requiring a strong presence at the College and in the community at large.


Grand Rapids Community College offers the next Provost the opportunity to be part of a unique student-focused academic community and to build upon what already is exceptional to make it even better. Applicants must have a terminal degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education, along with a substantial leadership background. Salary considerations will be competitive.

To assure best consideration, applications should be received by January 5th. The application should include a letter of interest specifically addressing the applicant’s background in relationship to qualifications described (not more than five pages); a current resume (or curriculum vitae); and the names of at least give professional references with each person’s position, office or home address, email address, and telephone numbers. References will not be contacted without prior authorization from the applicant. All applications will remain confidential. The new Provost will assume office on or about July 1, 2024.

The search is being assisted by Gold Hill Associates. Visit to submit your application. For application materials to receive full consideration, application materials should be submitted by January 5, 2024. Review of materials will begin immediately and continue until the appointment is made.


Grand Rapids Community College creates an inclusive learning and working environment that recognizes the value and dignity of each person. It is the policy and practice of GRCC to provide equal educational and employment opportunities regardless of age, race, color, religion, marital status, sex/gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, height, weight, national origin, disability, political affiliation, familial status, veteran status or genetics in all programs, activities, services, employment and advancement including admissions to, access to, treatment in, or compensation in employment as required by state and federal law. GRCC is committed to reviewing all aspects of GRCC programs, activities, services and employment, including recruitment, selection, retention and promotion to identify and eliminate barriers in order to prevent discrimination on the basis of the listed protected characteristics. The college will not tolerate any form of retaliation against any person for bringing charges of discrimination or participating in an investigation. Further information may be obtained from the EEO Office or the Office of General Counsel, 143 Bostwick Avenue NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503-3295.

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  • Vice President of Instruction at Clark College (Vancouver, Washington)

Please contact Gold Hill Associates with any questions regarding College President Job Searches.